What are your options if you want to move from one house directly to another? 2. The original tenancy in this case was for a period of two years. Querist was therefore able, from 6 October 1985, to rent the premises safely for an additional nine months, without the tenant obtaining a renewal fee. According to Gatien`s precedent, a janitor`s contract could be concluded before the expiry of this period, on the basis of which Mr. Doe would continue to work for one week at the end of this nine-month period, without rent. As a janitor, Mr. Doe would not be a tenant and would maintain the premises for this period of fiduciary purposes. During this one-week period, a new lease agreement for a period of two years and nine months would be agreed and executed between the parties. If the facts of the Gatien case were strictly respected, Mr. Doe would set up a business and that company would take over the new lease. However, the creation of a company cannot be essential to regulation. The Supreme Court`s arguments in Gatien suggest that the same exercise could happen again at the end of a new two-year, nine-month lease period.

For convenience, a seller may agree with a buyer to put the buyer in possession before the expiry of the deadline, provided that the buyer signs a concierge contract and places the balance of the purchase money in a joint account in the name of the seller`s lawyers and buyers. This is most often the case when a final document is not immediately available. Second, you can enter the new property on a concierge agreement while waiting to remove your relief funds and issue your mortgage fund. This would require the seller of your new home to agree to enter into such an agreement. Mr. Rory McEntee, a former member of the Conveyancing Committee, obtained permission from Eoghan P. Fitzsimons S.C. to publish an excerpt of a statement made to Mr. McEntee on this specific issue. The editorial board thanked Mr.

McEntee and Mr. Fitzsimons for authorizing the publication of the excerpt. Do you need help with your admission to membership? admissions@charteredaccountants.ie This is the most important step in the transportation transaction. When analyzing the certificates of title, your lawyer (1) can determine any problems with the title, z.B. missing documents, (2) if there are charges/rights of way or other issues that could result in the sale of the property (3) to check if all planning documents are in place. I assume, for the purposes of these findings, that the tenant`s occupation of these premises began on October 7, 1983 and is therefore detained for more than two years. You should also note that if the property is not your primary residence, you may be responsible for capital gains tax (CGT) and you should contact your account or financial advisor to clarify the situation. Property thefts are required to (1) confirm that your property (property) of the property is in order, and (2) prepare sales contracts. While this may seem obvious when selling your home, many people first address the real estate agent and only speak to their lawyer when they have a buyer of the property.