j) Award Confers No Rights To Continued Employment Or Future Awards. There is nothing in the plan or in this agreement that gives the participant the right to continue the employment of the company, a subsidiary or subsidiary of the company for a specified period of time or to infringe the right of the company and its subsidiaries or related companies to terminate that activity at any time. In addition, neither the plan nor this agreement confers on the participant the right to benefit from future bonuses under the plan. All future rewards, if any, are entirely at the discretion of the company. Legg Mason, Inc. (the ”company”) grants you (the ”participant”) an allocation of performance entities (the ”Price”) under the 1996 Legg Mason Investment Plan, Inc. as amended (the ”Plan”), under the following restrictions, conditions and conditions. The number of service units included in the award and the performance measures required for awarding the contract are included in the grant summary. (a) In accordance with the provisions of the plan, the participant accepts the acceptance of the premium reserve of all restrictions and conditions set out in this agreement and in the plan. (a) In accordance with the provisions of the plan, the entity assigns the participant the number of benefit units that are included in the grant summary as a bonus.

Each service unit issued in the price is paid at the committee`s choice in cash, shares or in combination with a value (at the date of distribution) corresponding to the amount of the target distribution when the objective-adjusted EPS is achieved. 24. Changes to the agreement. This agreement represents the parties` full understanding of the topics covered. The employee expressly guarantees that he will not accept this agreement if he relies on other promises, assurances or incentives than those contained in it. Changes to this Contract or Plan can only be made in an explicit written agreement executed by a duly authorized representative of the company. c) Shortly before any change in control (as defined below), 100% of the number of unre transferred CSRs must be transferred. ”change of control,” the sale of all or part of the share capital; Assets or operations of the company, by merger, consolidation, sale of assets or other (with other transactions in which all legitimate or legal holders of common shares hold immediately after this transaction, directly or indirectly, more than 50% of the outstanding securities that had the right to vote if the directors of the company still young, surviving or acquiring in this transaction , immediately after this transaction. Gus also retains its free movement shares, but there is a restriction: RSUs are often subject to additional deposit conditions (for example. B a liquidation event), Gus shares may expire before both conditions are met. If Gus` shares expire before the acquisition of the company or ipOs, he will not be able to hold the shares.

Regardless of the conditions of liquidation, all unselected acts expire at the end.