HRA Proof of rent is not required, but may be requested by the income tax officer if he or she has any suspicions about your rental income. Forged rental income can be taken by income tax officers and you may have to pay penalties with the income tax due. In the case of renting with other friends such as a roommate, I recommend having a lease to clearly show the amount of rent shared between tenants. I highly recommend having a lease if you pay rent to your wife or parents, as it helps prove the agreement between the landlord and the tenant. Rental income paid during the year is used as proof of rent. If the rental agreement is not available, you must file your rental agreement with the account extract indicating the rent paid. An individual must deposit the rental income and the rental contract in order to benefit from the home rent allowance. If the rent he paid exceeds $1,00,000 per year, he must file the owner`s pancard data, along with the rental income and lease. You must file supporting documents if the total rent you indicate for the whole year (12 months) is higher than INR 1 lakh. A person can benefit from the HRA benefit if they pay the rent to the family member, but the person cannot own the unit. Therefore, if a person lives with his parents in his house and has the necessary documentation to prove the rent paid, he can benefit from the benefit. If you own a house but live in another city because of your work, you can only benefit from HRA benefits if you live in a rented property. You must post the rental receipt required for the rent each month between 3001 and 8333 per month.

Each HRA rental receipt must have 1 rupee turnover stamp with the owner`s signature. No, the 80GG section deduction is only available to self-employed individuals or employees who did not receive aHRA during the year. The deduction limit for this section is $60,000 per year. If you pay rent of 50 thousand or more per month, you must deduct the source tax (TDS) that pays 5% of the rent paid to your landlord. The eligibility criteria for the HRA exemption are: If the owner does NOT share his PAN number for your HRA tax claim, you are unlucky and you cannot claim HRA. Sharp Insight-rich, deep stories on 20 areas no, HRA is given only for a rented house in the affected city of the workplace. No, the HRA is only paid for rent. Other royalties are therefore not included. When a person works in another city, they can benefit from the tax benefit on the interest on the housing credit and LA HRA for the rented accommodation, provided that they have the necessary documents to support their right.