Please note that when you start the registration and payment process, you must complete everything at the same time. If you have to interrupt the registration process for any reason, you must continue the process by logging in with your username and password via the ”Revenant” link. Exceptional registration practices may apply, for example, to studies that can be launched flexibly, with teaching in collaboration with partner institutions, MOOCs and courses that are taught in conjunction with the University of Helsinki`s programmes. Information on dates and thinking practices can be found in the curriculum (i.e. On the course page) individual courses. We will respond to your request as soon as possible, but if, for some reason, there is a delay in this process (perhaps because we need to ask you for additional information), then it is recommended to stay in touch with the Open University registration service to ensure that your seat remains open. You should not make payments to the organization unit until your funding request is processed, as we cannot refund additional payments to the organization unit. You can sign up for Open University courses in the ”My Pages” service or write to These conditions define the terms of the agreement between us. They refer to other guidelines and procedures, open university rules and codes of conduct.

Together, these documents set out the details of your rights and obligations as a student at the Open University. The study and registration fee is 15 euros per 1 ECTS. If you register via the online form, you will be guided by an online payment transaction. Students should register at the Open University before applying to the fundraising team. Students are then required to send copies of their Open University Blank-Registrierung and sponsorship agreements (available from the Open University) as well as the completed application form and verification of all income received in the previous calendar year. Registrations for those who are not students of the University of Helsinki or another Finnish university NB! Registration without a Finnish personality or online banking ID requires a visit to the admissions services of the University of Helsinki. However, this is not currently possible due to the coronavirus outbreak. Therefore, you cannot currently register for studies if you do not have a Finnish ID card, an online bank ID, a University of Helsinki user account or a user account provided by another Finnish university (registration with HAKA registration information). So part-time grants are finally open and I`m having a hard time finding information on how I can apply.

I think I should send an email with PDFs filled with my grant application and registration contract, but I can only find printables of my course registration contracts, non-editable PDFs. The fees at the open university are significantly lower than the total cost of teaching, as the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture provides financial support for open university education. 1. Select the Open University course you would like to register for.