If the amount of rent and the licence fee you should pay are the same (as you mentioned in your question), it is best for you to enter into a lease agreement with the owner of the commercial complex. In some states like Maharashtra, you also get protection from the Maharashtra Rent Control Act, which is tenant-friendly legislation. So there is no big difference between them, the choice is theirs. Only registered agreements can be used as evidence in court in litigation. Most homeowners opt for 11 months of vacation and licensing agreements to avoid paying such a fee. This provides for a no-problem provision; Parties may renew their licence every 11 months with revised conditions if they feel the agreement is beneficial to both parties. Holiday and licensing benefits allow the donor to take more action if the taker is to be removed from the property, since these are normally registered for an 11-month period with the possibility of renewal of the contract after the expiry of the agreement. These agreements take place between two parties: the licensee (who leases the property under a license) and the licensee (who occupies the property in question). In the absence of delegation of obligations and obligations, the revocation of these agreements is not an obstacle. Such agreements also allow parties to set rental rates (and increase rental prices in the event of licence renewal) under the contract. With this article, we have gathered some of the important aspects that take into account holidays For example, the older the property, the lower the rent and vice versa. However, these interest rates are often quite low because they do not correspond to current market realities. In addition, landlords often face barriers to eviction from their tenants because ownership is fully transferred to them.

If a person agrees to rent or rent a property, they sign a lease agreement that describes the terms of the contract. It is a legally binding contract between the tenant and the lessor, which defines the rights and obligations of each party.