3. Yes, the legal heirs of Seller B can sell these now together to third parties. 1. The purchaser did not comply with the agreement reached within a reasonable time or within the reasonable time, so your father has the right to terminate the contract. The Real Estate Act (Regulation – Development) 2016 (law) was notified in full on May 1, 2017. Section 3 of the Act requires the registration of a real estate project by the developer when the developer intends to promote, market, reserve or sell a property in the aforementioned project. Registration is also required for ongoing projects for which the developer has not received a graduation certificate. Therefore, the law applies not only to future projects, but also to ongoing projects for which construction began before May 1, 2017. For some ongoing projects, an ATS would have clearly been implemented to cover the rights, obligations and obligations of the parties, and the purchasers would have made partial payments in exchange for a block contribution. The amount of payment depends on the time frame chosen by the allottee, i.e. the construction link or the fixed time frame.

In this context, Section 13 of the Act now provides for mandatory registration of the ATS. 5. If you do not recognize third parties as legitimate parties to pay for the aforementioned sales contract with Buyer A, you must refund the amount they paid because you have no reason to hold your payment after terminating the contract with Buyer A. Payment made by A can be set aside by you if the agreement mentions a forfeiture clause. 1. See the deadline for the contract has expired and the buyer has not submitted or filed an action for the specific benefit provided it is not valid now. (4) Yes, within three years of such termination, but your need to prove and prove in court the delay/non-compliance with your contractual commitment by appointment. 4) As the full and final payment was not made as agreed, the seller cancels. (If the agreement could contain two clauses of forfeiture clause and temporal essens) It is on the basis of which it is decided. India and its metropolises are a booming real estate market. All those who have a decent earning capacity want to invest in an asset that gives the security of high returns.

In general, the most important and important document regarding real estate is the sales contract. Such a sales contract must be registered in a particular seat in the city. Today, we will discuss the validity of an unregured sales contract and count as a valid document without registration. Please note that there is a force majeure clause everywhere, as in this case due to covid-19, all courts are closed and there is no registration work by the government as a result of any registered agreement or a sale agreement will be renewed accordingly, so you will not be able to come for the period of the covid -19 blocking was in effect and later under the terms of the agreement, the registration can be concluded, so that the days from the date of registration plus the blackout period, please press as button if you like the lawyer answer vimlesh Mishra Allahabad High Court Lucknow Bank 2. Once the legal opinion is published, as the public notice is also published in the newspapers, but still no response from the buyer will say that the agreement to the sale is considered terminated. 2. Was there a sale clause in the above agreement that the amount paid in advance or part of it be cancelled, unless the balance is made in the next specified period? 2. The seller`s legal heirs are free to sell the property to third parties if there is no injunction against the sale of property ordered by the civil court. Dear Sir, I am the seller, I made an agreement with the buyer for my sale.