Remember: With a pleasure starter operator card, a person is a basic knowledge of boat safety. It does not confirm the experience of the boat, the skills of handling the boat or the familiarity with the dangers to the local waterways. That`s why you have to ask questions. Cancellations with the delivery of deposits or boat rental funds are not allowed within 7 days of the departure time (9:00). Cancellation insurance is available to protect against unexpected events. You should speak to the rental staff as voicemail cancellations are not accepted. Once you are in possession of the rental boat, time is what it is and there is no offer of overtime or longer rental time. So if you`ve decided to rent… Where do you start? We`ve put together a list of rental services across Ontario that will help you get to the lake quickly and safely.

Have a system to check and maintain the regular condition of all your rental boats, engines and safety equipment. In order to identify how anyone who rents pleasure boats to the public could make their business as safe and enjoyable as possible, we interviewed people interested in promoting the safety of rental boats. Among the people we interviewed were: Boat rentals are generally short-term. Most rental boats are small and easy to use, such as motorboats, boats, kayaks and paddle stand up boards. Located on Toronto`s waterfront, the Harbourfront Centre is an innovative, not-for-profit cultural organization that organizes events and activities for a wide range of people, including the rental of sailboats and motorboats. Your park is in good condition and has all the necessary safety equipment. You rent Bareboat to the public with recognized registration information or equivalent boating experience. Their smaller motorboats require safety training from our skilled personnel. Alternatively, we can offer those who do not have experience an instructor to sail or drive the boat for you.

Imagine a country club, but to go boating! Boat clubs allow boating to be done without possession; use of a boat without benefiting from maintenance and property costs. This option is an affordable way to dip your toe in the water and determine if the boat`s lifestyle is right for you! With packages of boats and engines from 10 to 60 hp, including a 21 foot, 60 hp pontoon boat, Blue Beacon Marina is the perfect place for beginner boaters. They provide you with the necessary navigation charts and safety equipment, as well as professional advice and Dockside skill tests, to ensure the safety of the operation and understanding of your chosen ship. Whether you`re looking for fishing, water skiing or just cruising, with a packet of tubes and a selection of live bait and tackles, Blue Beacon can get you in the water and enjoy the lake in no time. With the reopening of trips to Ontario, there`s no better time to go boating – it`s an amazing way to experience nature on one of our hundreds of thousands of lakes, rivers and waterways. But property can be a great commitment – that`s why we like the ease of renting a boat. So here`s everything you need to know before you leave! I/We recognize that the hazard lists below describe some risks, but not all potential risks or injuries while driving. The checklists contain information on boat operations, boat safety rules, local hazards and what to do in an emergency. Safety checklists are available for many types of personal boats and boats.