(B) it is a program proposed by a specific learning institution that requires students to work for their bachelor`s or bachelor`s degree, or (iv) to make reasonable efforts to provide non-abusive employment; Given the government`s tendency to want to make entry by work permit, there are several ways to follow. If a foreigner intends to study in Canada, they must obtain a Bachelor of Canadian Studies (with limited exceptions). If a foreigner has been invited to study at a ”designated learning institution” in Canada, he or she may be eligible for a Canadian study permit. 209.1 For the purposes of this division, the document indicates any document that is recorded or marked by any information that can be understood or read by a computer or other device. Unless a foreigner is eligible for a Canadian work permit without an LMIA, his or her employer or potential employer must apply to Service Canada for a foreign employment authorization in Canada before being eligible to apply for a Canadian work permit at a Canadian port of entry or visa office abroad. In addition, alternatively, an employer or potential employer may apply for an LMIA to support a foreigner`s application for permanent residence in Canada. The International Mobility Program (PMI) includes flows that do not require an employer to apply for AMIA before a foreigner can apply for a Canadian work permit, for example.B. (i.2) work is an essential part of a secondary program If the physical presence of a foreigner in Canada brings a significant cultural, social and/or economic benefit to Canada, he may be eligible for a Canadian work permit. It is a very discreet and subjective mode of application. Unlike the timely foreign worker program, where, in some cases, work permits may be issued based on market conditions of thought, the international mobility program serves Canada`s general economic and cultural interests. This could take one of the following forms: (2) For the purposes of the subsection (1), the length of employment for which the work permit is issued includes a period during which (b) the foreigner is required to isolate himself or engage in quarantine upon entry into Canada, pursuant to a quarantine order.