The AEP was certified in September 1995 as a representative of non-professional specialists at the University of Victoria. When individual departments make changes in their training, labelling or other tasks between the faculty, specialist staff and CUPE 4163 positions or reorganize programs or courses to reduce staff, every effort is made to implement the change at the end of the staff`s mandate and to notify the Union as soon as possible so that the parties can discuss how to minimize the impact of these changes on these officers. A single arbitrator is appointed by mutual agreement between the parties. Alternatively and by mutual agreement, the parties may decide on an arbitration proceeding and, in this case, each party will inform the other party of its candidate. The candidates of the parties then agree to chair the arbitration committee. CUPE 4163 is known as the Education Employees Union of the University of Victoria. The room consists of three ”components,” each with its own tariff language. Upon receipt of the leave request, the device administrator will take appropriate steps to find an appropriate replacement. This may require that the vacancy be filled without secondment. If a qualified replacement is found, the Union reimburses each unit all replacement costs (salary and benefits) incurred. The sitting board that replaces the sitting teacher on leave is entitled to the salary and benefits provided by this agreement. The collective agreement and any declarations of intent constitute the employment contract between the university and the members of the bargaining unit represented by the faculties` association. The bargaining unit includes all regular teaching and research directors; temporary members of the faculty, with appointments of more than one year; and professional librarians, both regular and temporary.

The Faculty Association is a union certified to the BC Labour Relations Code. 682 (93.2%) Of the 732 MPs who took part in the vote on the ratification of our second collective agreement, they voted ”YES” on 17 July 2019. (a) When the university introduces a measure, policy, practice or amendment or plans to introduce a measure, policy, practice or amendment affecting the conditions, conditions or job security of a significant number of workers subject to a collective agreement, the university agrees to notify the Union in writing sixty (60) days before the measure, policy and/or practice comes into force. (v) a statement that the university is committed to preserving the values of justice, diversity and integration in our living, learning and working environment. To meet our values, we seek members who work respectfully and constructively with differences and beyond levels of power. We actively encourage applications from group members who have barriers to justice. The full statement of the university`s capital can be found at A person who works at the University of Victoria under the direction or in collaboration with a designated member of the faculty to conduct research and whose salary is paid as an external research grant to designated faculty members. As a Sessional Lecturer within the TRADING unit CUPE 4163, can also end distinctly from the postdoctoral status of the individual.

The University of Victoria Faculty Association (UVic FA) represents approximately 850 teachers and librarians at the University of Victoria, including: professors; Assistant teachers; Extraordinary teachers; Extraordinary teachers; Assistant teachers; librarians; archivists; Limited semester faculty; Artists in Residence; And teachers.