If you sign up for our online banking service`s online bill payment function, you understand that the Banking Union processes billing transactions on the payment date you have selected. We will process payments on the business day you have indicated as payment date, if the request for payment was received before 18:00 hours .m EST. Applications received after the activity deadline or at any time of a non-professional day will be processed the following business day. We use the right to change the time of the date by providing you with thirty (30) days in advance. When planning an invoice payment, you must allow enough time for the payment to be received and booked by the merchant. Due to circumstances beyond our control, some merchants take longer to book payments than others. We are not responsible for financing fees or penalties for late payments that are due to invalid information entered by the user, for example.B. The recipient`s address or the recipient`s user account number. If you have a planned payment, you allow us to transfer payments on your behalf, which are debited from your account when the payment is received and deposited by the merchant and your account is cancelled. You confirm that your payment account is an account from which it is authorized to make payments and any payment you make is debited from that account.

Refer to the Bank of the Union`s pricing plan for a list of applicable online banking and billing fees. All fees are charged regardless of whether you use online banking during the billing cycle. A fee may be charged for additional transactions and other optional services. All fees related to your entry and credit accounts remain valid. You are responsible for all phone and/or Internet service charges that can be determined by your phone and/or Internet service provider. Individual Information and Pension Account Agreements You agree that on the account you have designated, a deposit property is available and recovered sufficient amounts to pay all the payment requirements of the invoices as well as all other payment obligations you have with respect to the Union Bank. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel an invoice without liability if you do not meet this requirement or other conditions of this Agreement. If you do not have enough credits in your account and we have not exercised our right to cancel or refuse payment of the invoice, you agree to pay these obligations upon request.

Regardless of whether an invoice for which there are not enough credits available in your account is paid or refused, you agree that the bank can charge your account our standard fee for insufficient funds (NSF). You also assume that the bank, once it chooses, can deduct these debts with the balance of your accounts with the bank in order to cover these payment obligations or debts to the Union Bank. Get the account that`s flexible enough to give you what you need without slowing down. Free ID Theft Resolution Services are available to free checking customers with a qualified monthly direct payment of $500 or more or any other personal current account of Atlantic Union Bank. A ”qualified direct deposit” is a direct deposit of a pay cheque, pension, social security or other eligible regular monthly income, which is deposited electronically into your new current account by an employer or external agency. You must have sufficient money or credit available in an account from which you order us to make a payment or bank transfer. If one of your qualifying accounts is a money savings or account exit account, you can only make six (6) transfers to your account per account cycle, at least three of which can be made by checking or withdrawing by third parties by design or similar order. No online bank access account should be designated as requiring more than one signature for payments, transfers or invoices.