User profile data in the /appdata/roaming folder and the HKCU structure must be searched with the user for sync to the server instance where the user is connecting. Administrators can use any available technique for profile deviation, z.B. redirect the folder or other profile management tools. (5) The distributor does not grant any rights to the software under a license authorizing: (i) the modification of the software, (ii) the disclosure or distribution of the software in the form of source code, or (iii) authorizes the distribution of the software for a fee. 1.3 ”Authorized Operating Systems,” the standard (s) laptop (s) version of the operating system (s) referred to in Appendix A, which is one of the operating systems authorized for Adobe Runtimes that are listed at: a) in the case of Adobe Air, and b) in the case of Flash Player, For more information on systems that are under no circumstances authorized operating systems, see Section 2.3 of this Appendix B (Adobe`s Execution Limitation). (A) Distributable version, access. The distributor may distribute only the version of the software (with the appropriate installation program) that will be made available to Adobe`s distributor for use on personal computers on the authorized operating system in Schedule A. The distributor cannot distribute a version of the software elsewhere, including on, or any other download site on the Internet. Adobe can allow the distributor to access the distributable version of the software by electronic download on a particular non-public website.

The distributor cannot disclose the location of this site to third parties. Regardless of the above, the distributor may distribute updates to Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, made available by Adobe on or on a subsequent website. If part of this agreement is found to be null and void, it will have no bearing on the validity of the balance of that agreement, which remains valid and applicable in accordance with its terms. This agreement does not affect the legal rights of a party acting as a consumer. This agreement can only be amended by a policy signed by an authorized Adobe employee. Updates can be granted by Adobe with additional or other conditions to the distributor. This is the entire agreement between Adobe and the distributor on the reproduction and dissemination of the software and replaces all prior assurances, discussions, companies, communications or advertisements related to the software. At Adobe`s request, the distributor will provide Adobe with two (2) copies of the distributor product or one (1) member of One (1), free of charge within seventy-two hours of Adobe`s request.